ECS Online Manual

Below are the topics you may need help with when using ECS. Click on a topic to read about it, with actual images of the ECS screens.



Getting Started
Getting Started
Delegated Administrators
What is a Delegated Administrator?
Creating a New User
Viewing and Modifying Users
Resetting a User's Password
Online Reporting

Regular and Supplemental

Data Entry
File Transfer
File Types and Required Data
Supplemental Reports
Pay Period End (PPE) Code Management
Certification of Final Payroll
Large Earnings Warnings
Non-Contributing Lists File Transfer
Non-Contributing Lists Data Entry
Service Purchase by Payroll Deduction
Data Entry
File Transfer
File Types and Required Data
View Reports
Viewing Saved Reports
Viewing Submitted Reports
Online Payments
Add an Account
Viewing & Maintaining an Account
Scheduling a Payment for a Report
Viewing & Canceling Payments
Viewing & Canceling Payment Remittance Advices
Signing Up & Using Online Payments - Video Demonstration
Online Forms
Accessing Online Forms
ARP-2 Data Entry
Student Exemption Data Entry
Enhanced Form A Data Entry
Submitting Forms Using File Transfer
ARP-2 File Specification
Enhanced Form A File Specification
Student Exemption Form File Specification
Accessing a Previously Saved Form
Accessing the Submitted Forms List
SSN Look Up
ERI Estimates
Estimate ERI Cost for member
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from ECS users.
Frequently Asked Questions

Message Center
Viewing Messages
Replying to & Deleting Messages
Creating & Sending Messages

Video Demonstrations
Regular Report Data Entry
For explanations of terms used in online reporting or online payments explore our glossary.
Online Reporting
Online Payments
Online Large Earnings Warnings
Error Messages
Troubleshooting Guide