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99% of OPERS Members are reported via ECS

ECS is the most secure method for transmitting sensitive employee data to OPERS. ECS allows employers to complete Reports of Retirement Contributions, schedule payments, and submit forms such as the Personal History Record (Form A). It's quick, convenient and easy to use.

ECS Features & Benefits:

  • Simpler, more streamlined method of payroll reporting either by entering data into an online form, or by transferring a file created by your payroll software
  • Immediate feedback of errors on both reports and forms - allowing you to make corrections and resubmit the same day
  • Easily create supplemental reports for one or more employees
  • Option to schedule a payment at the time of submission up through the due date
  • Ability to look up your employee's contribution history and make changes in PPE Code Management
  • Large earnings inquiries are viewed and answered online for better accuracy.
  • Online Forms - Personal History Record and ARP Eligibility Notice are now online and more forms will be added in the near future.
  • Online Disability - Employee's Disability Applications and more are coming to ECS in the near future.
  • Training either on-site or via telephone is available with one of OPERS'ECS training specialists

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